CT Express: Fits your countertop. And your budget.

Finally, a combi-oven that fits your need, budget, and space requirements.


4.10esi CT Express combi ovenIt's just right

  • Put a CT Express near the pass and speed up productionJust the right size: Small footprint allows for counter top placement to maximize kitchen real estate.
  • Just the right capacity: Smallest combi-oven to hold four (4) full sheet pans
  • Just the right color: Choose from our standard offerings or customize to your motif. Express Yourself!
  • Just the right price: Guaranteed to fit almost any budget.
  • Just the right oven: All the performance benefits associated with Alto-Shaam combi-ovens.

Cooking flexibility and versatility

  • Cooks with variable steam, convection heat, or a combination of both.
  • Bake, roast, steam, poach, grill, broil, proof, braise and oven fry.
  • 2 stacked CT Express 4.10esi Combitherm ovensProvide a wide variety of quality foods with one oven.
  • Place the CT Express nearly anywhere: counter tops, under counter and on top of another CT Express.
  • Attractive price provides an opportunity to use multiple CTs for increased menu versatility.

Enhanced Chef Features

  • All CT Express ovens come standard with rapid touch control technology.
  • Gold-n-Brown™ feature evacuates excess humidity for browning.
  • 250 recipe programming with up to 20 steps per program.

Boiler-free technology

  • Reliable boiler-free flash steam generation.
  • Reduces ongoing service and maintenance costs by more than 90% over the lifetime of the oven.

Environmentally friendly

  • EcoSmart design uses 70% less energy than competitive models.
  • Heat and humidity levels are maintained inside of the closed cooking cavity, minimizing water, gas and electric costs, while ensuring efficient cooking performance.
  • Built-in quenching system eliminates need for cold water condensate supply.

More information coming soon!